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"networking around croydon.co.uk is a resource to help new and existing businesses in the Croydon and the neighbouring areas. networking around croydon.co.uk helps to bring business people together to benefit from the powerful tool of Business Networking."

Networking Events

arrow-rightEvents including those which require membership  and those which are ‘open’. Always advisable to check details  in advance before planning to attend an event. Call 07870 568189 for general advice


Open Events

Open Events where there is the opportunity to develop network contacts. Both free and chargeable.

Business Development

arrow-rightTraining and development events for business people. These can include seminars, talks and courses. Some events may be located outside our main event activity area, but are considered worthwhile for inclusion.

Business Links

arrow-rightA directory of  useful business contacts  in the Croydon area. To add new contacts to this list, please email us with the details

Network Groups

arrow-rightFind out more about Networking Groups in the area. Call 07870 568189 for general advice


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